The HOTEL DU CIRCUIT's RESTAURANT, A CHEF, flavors and sharing...

Authentic BISTRONOMIQUE CUISINE in accordance with the seasons

A gourmet, creative and refined menu with unique value for money, is the bistronomique signature of the Ibis Styles circuit hotel Le Mans Sud-Mulsanne.
In the spacious setting of the dining room, accommodating up to 60 diners, opening onto an outdoor terrace, David Steiner, former sous chef in a starred restaurant, watches over a kitchen concentrated on the product, sharing and pleasure, with its room service as impeccable as it is friendly
To express oneself in a delicate, refined but also simple and accessible manner, composing a bistronomique enjoyable and wholesome dish, these are the ambitions that nourish the chef David Steiner.

Sharing is our driving force!

« Sharing is our driving force, using regional products, proposing refined and elegant dishes, accompanied by wines chosen for their quality at affordable prices, is in the DNA of the hotel and the teams that invest in it. The hotel staff is always very enthusiastic and attentive to the guests. David does A remarkable job for our visitors to continue to experience a memorable moment, as much culinary, as visual... »

Philippe David, owner of the Ibis Styles circuit hotel Le Mans Sud-Mulsanne


Chef David Steiner

In the heart of car racing country, in the design environment and racy setting of the Ibis Styles circuit hotel, here is a bistronomique restaurant where we cultivate the art of living, taste and smell...

The chef David Steiner Offers traditional cuisine, inspired from the region and the seasons, in a refined and delicate manner, while remaining accessible. The complement of food and wine will enhance your meal and tantalize your palate with authentic flavours...

Former sous chef in a starred restaurant, Chef Steiner welcomes you to the hotel restaurant every evening (except Sundays), for a moment of congenial and warm sharing, as with the hotel teams, and the ethos of the establishment: making your stay a moment of pleasure, relaxation and well-being!



63, rue des Pins
Tel:+33(0)2 43 77 33 77  Fax. 02 43 77 43 00

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